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Entertainment - Before the wedding with Prince Harry  

Meghan Markle suffers panic attack

It will be the wedding of the year when Prince Harry and his Meghan Markle in the St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle give the floor. The former actress is then officially admitted to the royal circles. But just before that she seems to be afraid.

Assistance from Camilla

Last year, Meghan Markle moved to Prince Harry. The two have been living together in the Kensington Palace since then and have already performed several royale performances in pairs. But the British "Daily Mail" now told a source, "Meghan looks very confident when she's on a royal mission, but she has some tingling before his wedding - not because of Harry, but because of her new life." There is no guide to life as Royal, as well as that Meghan gets help from Duchess Camilla. "Camilla is happy that she can help," as it says. She invited Meghan to Clarence House, where they could talk in peace.

Concentrated in Kensington Palace

However, it is not just the royal life that is causing problems for Meghan, the source also revealed, "Kensington Palace is beautiful, but Meghan wakes up, and she really has nothing she can do, she can not stroll along the main street, too Gym classes or jogging in Hyde Park. " Instead, she could just do yoga at home or pay a visit to Prince William and Duchess Kate , who live next door. Let's hope that Camilla could give the future Royal a few tips for this as well. 

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