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Ent - The Walking Dead: The protagonist of the last scene talks about his future

The public is still in shock
The Walking Dead says goodbye with many unanswered questions and a huge cliffhanger

To read this post it is essential to have seen the eighth episode of the eighth season of The Walking Dead . At least, it is essential for those who prefer to live without spoilers and experiencing surprises for themselves. And, now that the most confused readers have been warned, let's talk about the last scene of the episode.

In the last scene, Rick and Michonne can be absolutely misplaced by the image in front of them: Carl has a bite in his torso . If he had been bitten on an arm or a leg, amputation would be a possibility. But they all know that, in those United States zombies, a bite in the torso means death.

"Yes, Carl will die," actor Chandler Riggs said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter . "There is no possibility that he can recover from this. His story is coming to an end ", he wanted to finish for those who would like to think that" Carl will die "was a play on words, in the sense that we all die at one time or another.

This turn was unthinkable for the readers of Robert Kirkman's comics. Carl Grimes is an indispensable character in the universe of cannibal walkers. Not only is he the protagonist's son, but he has an important role in the later Negan plots and many readers have the theory that Carl will be the new protagonist of the saga when Kirkman wants to liquidate Rick. After all, it would be a natural regeneration. Carl is a man raised in that chaos and that violence, and seems more psyched to face challenges than his father.

How can it be then that a zombie has bitten him without anyone noticing? Well, for two reasons. During his escape with Siddiq he was simply the victim of one of the walkers with whom they fought. And, creatively, the showrunner Scott Gimple wanted to use it as a tool for Rick to evolve . Yes, the death of a character like Carl is only a trigger to justify a future turn (and here there are certain spoilers of the comics).

Yes, Carl will die

It turns out that Gimple was not convinced with the events of Kirkman's comics. Why did Rick decide to put Negan in prison instead of slaying him as he had always wanted? Why did he finally choose to spare his life and fulfill his punishment behind bars? "Scott's way of solving this was to make Carl a very humanitarian figure, a person who saw the best in people, who can change and that not all the people out there are bad," explained Chandler Riggs in the interview. 

In short, Carl spends the whole episode reflective and a little weird because he knows he has days or maybe hours left, and for this he leaves a letter to Rick (at that point anyone would have thought it was to run away with Siddiq, not for die). He also takes the opportunity to ask Negan if he had always wanted to be the villain he ended up being. And all this happens so that Rick, when it's time to face Negan, decides to spare his life.

Carl dies so that Rick changes his mind about his mission to kill Negan

Fans are already looking for ways to justify that all this is a trap, that Carl will not really die, that his death is more false than Glenn being devoured by zombies in the sixth season. But, well, if we trust Chandler Riggs ... Carl has the hours counted (and in February we'll have to fire him yes or yes in the second half of the eighth season).

The series returns in February with the second half of the eighth season 


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