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Economy - VW turns off exhaust process in the US

At the last minute, Volkswagen prevented the first US court case in the "Dieselgate" scandal.

The legal dispute with a Jetta owner, who had filed for $ 725,000 for manipulated exhaust technology, was settled with the consent of the competent judge.

This is based on court documents available to the German Press Agency. Neither VW nor plaintiff attorney Michael Melkersen wanted to comment on the agreement or details of a settlement. The lawsuit should have begun on Monday with the jury's selection at the county court in Fairfax, Virginia.

Although it was only a single plaintiff and a relatively small disputed, the case caused a great stir. Claimant Melkersen had uncovered a study with exhaust tests on monkeys on behalf of VW, which caused much outrage. First, the tests were to be performed on people, which Melkersen led to a controversial Nazi comparison - in a TV documentary, he made a reference to the Jews gassing in the Second World War ago.

VW then called for a "cool off period" and postponing the trial by six months because the plaintiff had publicly linked the company to "Hitler, the Holocaust, and other horrors." The VW lawyers saw in an unfair attempt to raise the jury against the group. However, the court rejected this request on Tuesday.

Despite the billion-dollar comparisons that VW has made in the Dieselgate scandal with numerous diesel owners in North America, the company is still bickering with many US customers who have dropped out of the class action lawsuit and want to enforce compensation on their own.

Alone Melkersen represents over 300 such plaintiffs, two more of his lawsuits are in the coming months. Whether the lawyer again agrees out of court with VW, is unclear. VW admitted in 2015 to have cheated on a large scale in emissions tests.

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