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Games News - David Brevik: Diablo III kept the legacy of the franchise

The creator of the series gave his opinion on the third installment

David Brevik is not only known for being one of the co-founders of Blizzard North, but also for being the creator of Diablo . The franchise has become one of the pillars of Blizzard; however, Brevik was no longer part of the company when Diablo III was developed .

The creator recently gave his opinion on the third installment of the series. During his meeting with IGN , Brevik said he always considered Diablo III a good title. From his perspective, the arrival of the Reaper of Souls expansion gave him even more value.

"I think Diablo III ended up being a great game, especially after the expansion, I think they added a lot of really cool things that gave life and made it a much better title than I thought it was at the launch," said the creative.

Brevik also gave clues about how his version of Diablo III would have looked . According to him, he worked on the project shortly before his departure from Blizzard. The developer commented that the result would have been quite different, especially in the art style.

"Our art style in the north was different from the artistic style of the creatives [in Blizzard South], and in many ways it was much more like Diablo II than the final look of Diablo III ," Brevik added.

Finally, the developer reaffirmed that the third installment is great. This largely because it takes up the whole essence of the series: "I thought it was a good game at the launch, and I think it really kept the Devil legacy, " Brevik finished.

According to Blizzard, he does not plan a remastering of Diablo II . However, the company said it works hard in the future of the franchise . For its part, Brevik develops a new title called It Lurks Below .

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