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Article - The mysterious horror game that came from Deep Web

Meet Sad Satan , the terrible title that has intrigued the Internet

A few days ago, the horror game channel Obscure Horror Corner uploaded a gameplay video of a very peculiar game. This is Sad Satan , the first video game uploaded to the Deep Web, the set of inaccessible pages for common search engines that hide all types of prohibited, illegal or disturbing content. At this time, the users of reddit try to solve the mystery of this strange three-dimensional title, but before taking a look, we must explain, what is the Deep Network?


Although the term Deep Web or Red Deep seems to be taken from an urban legend, in reality it is something very simple and without terrifying connotations. It is simply the repository of sites and information to which the search engines and automated directories do not have access. In common terms, it is everything you can not enter via Google: password pages, personal sites, sites without indexing or classifying, database entries and isolated sites behind proxies and other types of protection. Deep Web can be something as banal as a dictionary entry in the RAE (which needs a direct request in your search engine), your Gmail or Hotmail inbox, your school database, a paid forum, and so on. .

Deep Web occupies 95% of the network

It is estimated that the Deep Network is 500 times larger than the Surface Network and constitutes 95% of all publicly accessible information. However, in addition to all private information, redundant or protected by governments and agencies, there is a gray area of ​​the Deep Network to which users have access through intermediary servers used to maintain anonymity or proxies. Through unconventional methods, such as the use of unusual codes and extensions, certain users gain access to the "Dark Side of the Moon", so to speak, where it is possible to find prohibited or illegal content. An example of such sites is Silk Road, a black drug market whose founder, Ross William Ulbricht, was recently sentenced to life imprisonment.

Of course, the Deep Web is the subject of all kinds of urban legends: alleged Hit Man- type murder services , Silent Hill style cults, Gladiator-style death fighter videos and State secrets. Of course, a lot of this is just terrifying copypats, but Deep Web is in many cases a forbidden territory with content outside the law. In other cases, it is simply curious and out-of-the-ordinary content, such as the Beneath VT site, where urban explorers relate their travels in the tunnel system beneath the Virginia Tech campus, or entire libraries of hard-to-find or retired material. of the surface network. Currently, most people who surf the Deep Network use anonymity protocols such as Tor or The Onion Router, communications networks that allow surfing without revealing their IP, although characters such as Edward Snowden claim that the NSA has infiltrated the router since weather.


On June 25, 2015, Jamie, the owner of the Obscure Horror Corner channel , which is dedicated to documenting the strangest horror games that can be found on the network, received an email from a fan that called his attention to a title uploaded to an Onion protocol site. The file had no virus or keylogger, but Jamie decided to delete it shortly after downloading because a Notepad file that comes with the game started to appear on his desk with cryptic messages. However, before getting rid of it, Jamie uploaded it to YouTube. Since the game had no name, he decided to call it Sad Satan because the download had that description.

Actually, as a game, Sad Satan is not the big deal. It's a horror style PT hallway simulator with disturbing sounds, binaural music and poorly lit scenes. Eventually, the player descends through the corridors of a strange labyrinth until reaching sections in high contrast, where he hears voices with a slowing effect and guttural and disturbing sounds. Occasionally, comic and disturbing images are offered to the viewer, as well as sound clips with upside down music.

However, a second part of gameplay offers a bit more horror to the viewer. On this occasion, the terrifying corridors in high contrast lead to a real bunker with strange walls adorned with circular motifs, even stranger images with scanlines and blurr, as well as interactive elements and, for the first time, our only company: a horrible girl who It reminds of a Little Sister of BioShock , although more threatening and whose screams, mixed with animal sounds, get out of the nerves. Finally, the confusing ambience of the level leads to a closed room, perhaps the initial bunker, where several of these disturbing children wait for the explorer, perhaps trying to tell him something.

Despite its simplicity, the game is a true enigma. First of all, there is the detail of the Note pad files that appear on your desktop when you install it, and that supposedly are updated alone with meaningless messages and the classic 666 pasted everywhere. In second place is its origin. According to the journalist Patricia Hernandez , who contacted the original user, it seems that the game arose in a multipurpose forum of the Deep Web, something very unusual since in such places are shared rather images or movies, never games. It seems that its creator is a user who calls himself ZK, obsessed with subjects like demons and satanic cults, but you can not distinguish if he says those things in jest or really believes in those nonsense.

Hernandez points to one last clue. It is a video with music uploaded 2 years ago by user Sarebere on YouTube. It's called Sad Sad Satan , and basically it's a collection of strange images of insects, surgical instruments and rotten rabbit meat with binaural sounds. Eventually, drains with blood and masks appear in juxtaposition with a forest and a very disturbing abandoned cabin. Supposedly these videos point to murders but we do not see much more than animal carcasses. The video only has the description "Follow the Trail".


After the appearance of the game, the users of reddit have jumped immediately to try to decipher the symbolism of the game. It turns out that there are several clues hidden in the sounds and images of it. For example, clips of Polish emergency code stations during the Cold War, speeches by Hitler, favorite songs by those responsible for the Columbine Massacre, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven upside down, satanic psalms, fragments of interviews with Charles Manson, and a clip of I love Beijing Tiananmen , song used in the game kusoge Hong Kong 97 , of which Angry Video Game Nerd made a video.

One of the hidden images in the game, photograph by Roger Ballen

As for the images, it presents photos, some disturbing and others merely referential. For example, the man with apparent deer antlers is Prince Franz Joseph, in the castle of Konopiste, famous for its long galleries of hunting trophies. Another image comes from the disturbing series of Shadow Chamber photographs, by Roger Ballen, an artist who preferred unusual and disturbing images in black and white, usually related to children, abandoned schools or people with various ailments. Finally, a photograph of Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the 80s, and Jimmy Savile, British and notorious criminal presenter associated with hundreds of allegations of child abuse, ironically wearing a badge of the National Society for Protection against Cruelty Childish. Finally, the classic Baphomet or Eliphas Lévi goat appears in one of the final segments.

The analysis of this imagery and sounds seems to point to the urban legend of satanic cults emerged during the 60s. The appearance of ghost children and a message that mentions "5 victims" seems to point to cases of abuse and cruelty against children as the so-called Satanic Circle of Ash Tree Close, and seems to have strong links with figures such as the British occultist Aleister Crowley, whose ideas about magic and the attack on established morals deeply influenced counterculture circles in the United Kingdom, such as Led Zeppelin's musician , Jimmy Page, whose songs can be found as background music in Sad Satan .

Apparently, someone has been able to break the number of random messages that appear on the Note Pad when the game is installed. The symbols have values ​​like letters of the alphabet, although it is not very difficult to find the meaning at a glance. These are somewhat disturbing threats, such as: "I can track you", "Good luck", "Kill, kill and kill", "You are on my list", "Fifth victim", "Hail 666", "Sad people die " However, as nobody who has reported has been able to lower the game again, the reality of these messages is still in question.


Like dozens of horror games and mods, Sad Satan might not have a meaning beyond disturbing its users with a minigame created by a Deep Web user with a lot of free time. However, it seems to have a coherent symbolism and is the first case of a game directly taken from Onion sites. This does not guarantee that it points to anything more than hysteria caused by urban legends, conspiracy theories and certain cases of real criminals, but it is undoubtedly very elaborate. The main mystery is of course to find ZK, its creator. The users of reddit suspect that its creator is the user who called attention to him, but it is only a theory.

For now, the download link of the game, which requires the use of the Onion protocol, is unusable, perhaps because of the influx of users guided by the article by Patricia Hernandez that drew attention to its existence. So we do not have any brave who can directly verify its existence, or disturbing details such as the supposed Notepad file with messages. Does this game point to a real horror or is it just one of the dozens of low-budget horror titles that occasionally appear on forums and websites with the intention of becoming creepypastas and urban legends of the network? For now, the road is still open.

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