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Article -The 8 advantages of the PC gaming

The PC is my favorite game platform. I like it more than other options because it offers advantages that are not found elsewhere and I do not speak of better graphics, more detailed with an obscene count of frames per second. I like to play on PC for the large number of solutions offered to common problems and the huge and varied alternative offer of games and hardware. I also like it because it is a great multiplayer platform where I met great friends with whom I have shared frags, games and games, even after 15 years. In summary, the PC is the place where I grew up and where I have lived the best experiences related to video games.

It is no secret that the PC is a superior platform, beyond the supposed better graphics at more than 1080p and exorbitant amounts of frames per second. The purpose of this article is to list the features that make this platform a better option over the rest. The PC is a platform for those who are not satisfied with consuming without measure and seek the maximum possible performance in addition to other characteristics.


Steam currently connects more than 10 million users , which shows that every day more enthusiasts who enjoy the large library that exceeds the mark of 6000 titles. In addition, the distribution platform offers - on numerous occasions - offers and promotions with extremely attractive discounts to increase your library to more than 300 games, or if you are a compulsive buyer, I assure you that you will not be late in overcoming the 1000 mark.

Steam is not the only distributor of PC games and it is not the only option available. Electronic Arts offers the Origin service , which is the direct competition of Steam. When Origin started nobody wanted it and despite being considered a second option, the current opinion of the community is that it exceeds Steam in some aspects, such as customer service. I am witness to the latter: it happens that I bought Battlefield 4 twice by mistake and after a quick chat session with Customer Service, Origin solved my problem. I do not want to think about a similar event on Steam, because its service is terrible.

There are also initiatives like Humble Bundle , where for a few dollars you can buy packages of attractive games with the advantage of helping a charity of your choice. , the subsidiary of CD Projekt, also sells games that are not in another online store, and finally we find places like Good Game Store , which every weekend offers discounts of popular titles.

Nor do you know that games can be acquired through other forms, which we will not mention.


When you play on PC you are not tied to a manufacturer: you can buy your equipment with components from many brands without having compatibility repercussions. Currently there are hardware parts manufacturers that compete for the confidence of the players by offering better features at the best price. With time and experience, you will prefer some brand and avoid others, but the most important thing is that you are not tied to one.


If you have been aware of the latest news, you will know that one of the usual complaints of PC players is that current games do not have dedicated servers. Do you know the importance of this? Dedicated servers allow you to continue enjoying online experiences such as Star Wars: TIE Fighter (1994), Quake (1996) and even DOOM (1993). Remember when GameSpy closed? That completely disabled the multiplayer component of Star Wars: Battlefront II , however, the gaming PC community developed patches that fix the game and keep it relevant.

Another aspect to consider is that the PC is the terrain of backward compatibility. Here one of the strongest exponents is, who offers within his bookstore titles as old as Kings Quest of 1983 and great classics so that no one can tell you how good they were and experience them first-hand. On the other hand, on the PC it is possible to install virtual machines to emulate a different operating system and, thus, enjoy other offers that do not have online distribution. For example, if you have an old compact disc with a game that your operating system does not accept, the solution is simple: install a virtual machine and run the game. Currently, learning how to install a VM is very fast and simple.


The current supply of PC parts and equipment exceeds that of desktop components in many features; I mean that the tower with 16 million colors, giant, noisy and cluttered LED lights is available in a smaller variant to serve as a multimedia center within the home, and now PC makers are paying more attention to the cards Mini ITX mother. In this way, there are currently small teams with great capabilities and characteristics, which can function as a multimedia center within the home. In addition, it is not necessary to be monstrous thanks to solutions such as Steam In-Home Streaming, which allows you to occupy the horsepower of another desktop computer to transmit the game to the largest screen in the home, without latency problems and configuration.

In addition, there are specialized and free tools to improve the operation of the PC through a wireless controller, so it is not necessary to have a keyboard and mouse connected to operate the PC remotely. However, if you decide, you have to know that there is a wide range of wireless devices and accessories to make your experience on the sofa more pleasant.


The keyboard and mouse are the main armament of PC players, and in the current market, there are a lot of devices designed to meet all needs. The keyboards now come in different colors and even have customizable keys, not to mention the switches that embellish the typing experience. More and more manufacturers are launching improved and different versions of their products, with capabilities beyond imagination, but always looking for a stable gaming experience. On the other hand, we must mention that they are optional solutions, that is, they are not necessary to play. Yes, what I recommend for a non-specialized mouse is a platform - a mousepad - made of cloth with rubber support and frequently clean the antifriction cushions.

Sometimes the keyboard and mouse are overcome by games where the best option is a traditional analog control. Some console controls work without problems and do not need installers to operate; Microsoft's Xbox 360 wireline is a popular choice among PC gamers-there's no reason to be ashamed to use this one or any other. The PlayStation 3 and 4 controls are also useful, although they require a small configuration.

Manufacturers like Razer have realized that PC console controls are necessary, so they currently design attractive versions with features to meet different needs. For its part, Microsoft will soon launch a wireless adapter to use the Xbox One control on PC.


In the heroic days of PC gaming - more than 25 years ago - the pioneers of the industry learned how to make their games in the comfort of home. Throughout history we have seen how great successes have been built in the basement of a house thanks to the enthusiasm of a small group of fans. What I want to say is that, if you have basic programming and modeling skills and are interested in developing a game, the Internet is full of online resources for the indomitable mind that is not satisfied with consuming. Have you thought that maybe you have the ability to create the next great independent sensation?

I like the PC environment because it is the launch pad for the next John Carmack. It may be that today a child fan of the Minecraft modules learns to program and tomorrow launch a graphic engine or challenge the paradigms of game design. I am confident that this will happen, it is only a matter of time.


What I like most about the PC is that it offers unique experiences of its kind. In the PC there are communities that are dedicated exclusively to military simulators, where they play a kind of Role Play in titles such as Arma 3 and you can also build a cabin for an airplane or racing simulator, with installations of more than 3 monitors and platforms Hydraulics to increase the immersion. They are not the norm, but it is nice to know that there are options.

The PC will also be the spearhead of virtual reality, because a lot of developers will modify their products and create new ones to deliver a unique experience of its kind. Other virtual reality offers, such as PlayStation 4's Morpheus, will be released in the future, but where the real progress will happen will be on the PC.

And as for exclusives, the PC does not ask for anything from the proprietary platforms. The list is not limited to series like Civilization , the king of turn-based strategy; StarCraft and Company of Heroes , if yours is the strategy in real time; Grim Dawn and Path of Exile , if you like Diablo ; STALK.ER and Amnesia , for horror lovers; Total War , for the general you carry inside; Weapon , for the real fan of military shooters or Digital Combat Simulator, if you love aviation. The list is amazing and the best thing is that the PC is not tied to any generation, so today you can enjoy the classics of yesterday without problems, as we saw before.


The variety of software available to communicate on PC is huge. There is a large number of VoIP communication clients to meet with your friends and carefully plan the next assault on the enemy base. Are you happy because the size of the party on Xbox One increased to 12? I can tell you that I once shared a TeamSpeak server with more than 60 users during a castle siege in Lineage II , where each group coordinated with a leader who reported what happened on the battlefield to the leader of the alliance, all in an orderly and almost professional manner. Services like Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are now synonymous with PC gaming due to their popularity.

Some communication services are paid, where you can pay up to $ 10 USD for a Ventrilo or Mumble server with a handful of available spaces. However, they are not the only ones and there are free options to organize a community; For example, in Raid Call you can create an online community with private channels and chat rooms without spending a dime. Finally, there is the reliable Skype, which although it is not my favorite, is another available space.

For reasons of balance I am obliged to mention that not everything in the PC is honey over flakes. One of the constant complaints of the community is that an Internet connection is necessary to use and enjoy the games. Even with the supposed offline mode of Steam and Blizzard Entertainment does not get rid of the accusation, since Diablo III and StarCraft II require a mandatory connection to the Internet, despite having local game modes.

Another disadvantage - for some - is that it is very difficult to trade games after they fulfill their function; that is, it is difficult to participate in the gray market of exchange and resale of products. When you acquire a title in Steam you can not change it or resell it, and the same thing happens with the rest of the distributors; however, recently the ability to return the game during the first hours after purchase has become a norm if you did not like it -as a guarantee of satisfaction-. Origin and offer the option to return a game if it did not meet your expectations and receive your money back.

The PC is not synonymous with better graphics and frames per second, it has more inherent advantages to the system, without being the most representative of the platform. What I celebrate as a PC player are the endless options available: their flexibility and ability to adjust each element to my liking because I am not satisfied with consuming what someone supposedly designed for me.

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