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Argentina - Naiara Awada: "I have no interest in having more bond with any of them, I got here"

The actress spoke exclusively with and spoke of the sadness she feels for not having received a message from her family on her birthday.

Naiara Awada spoke exclusively with after the messages on Twitter expressing her dismay at not receiving messages or calls from her family on her birthday.

"It's a delicate issue because it's my family and I do not want to keep talking and burying more, I already said what I had to say, the other thing is in the privacy of the family and I hope they understand it," the actress commented.

"I am now 24 years old, I am an adult and I do not have any obligation to have ties with anyone, the links that I have are by choice, nobody obligates me to bond with anyone," Nai added.

"It's sad but I accept it and I speak from the pain, I'm very family, sensitive and tolerant but until here I arrived," he concluded.

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