The different versions of Baccarat

Since its days of inception,Baccarat has been played with only one objective in mind, and that is winning some serious money. In theory, you could in a night bet 10000 dollars and win a million dollars, the casino will have to pay up, and you could become a millionaire overnight. Though the chances for that to happen are as rare as you finding a diamond walking on the banks of a river in Africa but it is definitely possible. There are many versions of the game that you will find both online as well as being played in casinos worldwide. Baccarat online still remains one of the more popular options being chosen by the people.

There are three variants of the game that are popular and have stayed with the people; these are different versions of the one that is debated to have originated in Italy or France and must have been created to keep the game fresh through the times.

The punto banco baccarat:

It is the standard and the most straightforward version that you will come across the most often and the one you are likely to start playing with if you already do not. It is one of the most widely played casino game in the world and can account for almost 90% of the total income of the casinos in some countries. One primary reason for it being played the most in casinos is thanks to the fact that the house edge in this game is shallow as compared to other forms of gambling; that is 1.24%. This game has standard rules that are practised by most casinos around the world, unlike the different two variations of the game whose laws may differ from casino to casino. In this version of the game, the moves of the players are forced by the card that is dealt.

Baccarat chemin de fer:

It is the original version of the game that is today played in most of the casinos around the world. Played between different players known as pointers and the dealer- the competition aims to beat the banker and win his bet. The player designated as the banker is responsible for dealing and typically six decks of cards are shuffled and used to play a game. Players sit around a table, and the game proceeds in the counterclockwise direction from the right of the dealer, also known as the croupier.

Baccarat Banque:

The game is known as two tables in French which are debated to be the country of origin of the game’s original version from which the currently played games stemmed. It is known as two tables because the banker has to go against two players seated on the left and right each. In the game, the dealer can only be challenged if the layers can equal the bet of the dealer. Unlike inthe case of chemin de fer, the banker will remain as long as he/she can afford it; otherwise, it is passed on to the next player. The rules for the winning hands stay the same in all the three versions of the game.